Lazy Model Responder

Within a Flex application it is a very common thing to show lists of items or domain objects for instance a list of articles, users or whatever.
There are many ways to implement this and I would like to share an approach which I call Lazy Model Responder. I am using the Cairngorm microarchitecture where I implement […]

FFK08 Notes

Last week I visited the Flashforum Konferenz. It was really nice to meet old and new guys and I got some faces to names I read a lot. Sascha Wolter and Marc Thiele did an awesome job to provide such a nice conference – thanks!

Above Sascha and Marc announced Serge Jespers who is Adobe Platform Evangelist […]

DataGrid Column with Tooltip/Datatip

I had the problem that I wanted to show text in a DataGrid column which could be far longer then the available space. It was not important that the text is visible all the time so a custom cellrenderer was not needed and the solution very simple.
Just define DataGridColumn like:

<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Text" dataField="text" dataTipField="text" showDataTips="true" />

So you […]

Flex Usergroup Meeting on ANTLR Yesterday

Yesterday we had the second Flex Usergroup meeting which took place in the Interone office in their fabulous meeting room in the 19th floor – nice view!

Thanks to Sven Busse for his speak on ANTLR which was pretty interesting. He showed a little stubcodegenerator he implemented with Java and ANTLR. The language grammar is in BNF […]

Flash Player 10 Links

The Flash Player 10 public beta release was blogged around the web and I thought I post a few links a found during the last days:

Targeting Flash Player 10 Beta with Flex SDK 3.0.x
Video Tutorial on Compiling for Flash Player 10 and from today three more Video Tutorials by Lee Brimelow
Tinic Uro from the Flash Player […]

AIR FlexNativeMenu with platform independent keyboard shortcuts

I have build a little AIR app last weekend to try out a few things with the native menu feature of AIR. I recommend reading Developing Adobe AIR Applications with Adobe Flex 3 which is available in from the Adobe AIR Resources. The part about the FlexNativeMenu control starts at page 46 (53 in PDF).

In my […]