Flash Player 10 beta on Adobe Labs

The first public beta of the Flash Player 10 code-named “Astro” is on Adobe Labs. Be sure to check out Pixel Bender (formerly known as Hydra) to create custom filters and effects. When you have installed the beta visit the demo site to get some impressions.

Ryan Stewart and InsideRIA posted nice summaries […]

Domize Domain Search

Via The Inquisitr I came to Domize an ajax based search engine for domains.

“Domize is a secure, instant domain name search tool. As you type a domain name into the query box we immediately check its availability.”

It comes with an iPhone version and the live search is very fast. When you roll over a reserved domain […]

Flex Image control as Button

You want your Image to behave like a Button with a hand-cursor?
Set buttonMode and useHandCursor to “true” and that’s it:

private var myIcon:Class;
private function handleImageClick(event:Event):void
// your click handler code
<mx:Image source="{myIcon}" useHandCursor="true" buttonMode="true" […]

Flex 4 inline states

Interested in what the Flex team plans for states in Flex? They show what they are planning on the Open Source Wiki. I came across this via the Fatara Systems blog and it is also covered by Ted Patrick and InsideRIA. The inline state syntax looks a lot easier and it is very nice to see […]

Change project from Flex to AIR

When you started with a Flex project for the browser and you decide to switch to AIR or vice versa you have to change the Flex Builder project settings.

In the application MXML you have to switch the root node from Application to WindowedApplication

In the .actionScriptProperties you have to change useApolloConfig=”true/false”.

If you switch from Flex to AIR […]

MXNA aka Adobe Feeds is up again

The Macromedia Adobe XML news aggregator which is now called Adobe Feeds is up again under http://feeds.adobe.com.

Thanks to Christian Cantrell and the others involved for all the work and the fast transition to a new server infrastructure! Adoeb Feeds is such a great resource to learn about Adobe Technology especially Flash, Flex, AIR and ColdFusion. I […]