Flex UG Hamburg with FC64 – Notes

On Friday we had our Flex Usergroup Hamburg meeting in our Adobe office. Our speaker Claus Wahlers gave us a look behind the scenes aka source of FC64 which he developed together with Darron Schall. Claus started with some “basics” about how the C64 works to get an idea about what has to be emulated. After […]

FireFTP killed my images

I am using the Firefox plugin FireFTP for a long time now and never had any problems. Today the worst case happened: I tried to drag-n-drop and image from my desktop into the target directory and – the browser showed the image in this tab and FireFTP was gone. “Makes sense” I thought so I re-opend […]

Google Mail Germany is not GMail

When I try to open http://gmail.com in my browser I get this:

Looks like Google has some issues with german trademarks or whatever. The funny thing was that this showed up as URL: http://mail.google.com/gmail/

So removing the last word “gmail” from the URL finally let me into my “Google Mail” account and NO – I am not traveling […]

Flex Jobs

If you are a Flex developer in these days the situation on the job market should be pretty fine. Here a little link collection about this topic:

Flex Directory, List of firms focussed on Flex
Flex.org Jobs, Blog
OSFlash Jobs, Blog
Yahoo Group Flex Jobs, Group/Mailinglist
Google Group Flex Jobs, Group/Mailinglist
GlassDoor, Company Rating, Reviews and Salaries
CrunchBase, Company Database
The Naugle Group, search […]

Change Eclipse Ant settings when you run out of memory

I use Ant a lot to compile AIR or Flex projects. When it comes to larger projects (especially when you compile multiple modules and libraries) you have to increase the amount of memory Ant is allowed to use. Otherwise you can get an exception like this:

[mxmlc] Loading configuration file PATH_TO_YOUR_SDK/flex_sdk_3.0.2.2095/frameworks/air-config.xml
[mxmlc] Error: PermGen space
[mxmlc] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
[mxmlc] […]

AIR 1.1 released and new AIR stuff on Adobe Labs

AIR 1.1 was released yesterday and comes with localization features, certificate migration feature and new API calls for File.spaceAvailable and NativeWindow.supportsTransparency. Further 1.1 includes minor bugfixes and memory improvements.

If you develop with Flex Builder be sure to read how to use AIR 1.1 with Flex. There is another Adobe Developer Center article by Christian Cantrell on […]