AIR 1.1 released and new AIR stuff on Adobe Labs

AIR 1.1 was released yesterday and comes with localization features, certificate migration feature and new API calls for File.spaceAvailable and NativeWindow.supportsTransparency. Further 1.1 includes minor bugfixes and memory improvements.

If you develop with Flex Builder be sure to read how to use AIR 1.1 with Flex. There is another Adobe Developer Center article by Christian Cantrell on “Building multilingual Flex application on Adobe AIR“.

Oliver Goldman posted a link to the AIR 1.1 FAQ which also has a list of fixed bugs. Download AIR 1.1.

New on Adobe Labs (Adobe Labs blog):

Adobe AIR Update Framework:

“This beta release of the update framework for Adobe AIR Applications provides APIs to assist developers in including good update capabilities in their AIR applications.”

Adobe SwitchBoard Technology:

“Now, with the Adobe technology code named SwitchBoard, AIR applications can communicate with applications in the Adobe Creative Suite®.

Adobe AIR developers can create applications that participate as first class citizens in creative workflows. Each SwitchBoard solution consists of an AIR application written for SwitchBoard, JavaScripts, and the SwitchBoard service that delivers the scripts to the Creative Suite applications. AIR developers only need to include a Flex library called SwitchBoard.swc in their projects in order to send and receive scripts to and from Creative Suite applications.”

InsideRIA covers a little article about SwitchBoard.

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