FireFTP killed my images

I am using the Firefox plugin FireFTP for a long time now and never had any problems. Today the worst case happened: I tried to drag-n-drop and image from my desktop into the target directory and – the browser showed the image in this tab and FireFTP was gone. “Makes sense” I thought so I re-opend FireFTP to upload it by selecting the file locally on the left side and then dragging it to the right side on my FTP directory. Unfortunately my img directory was gone – away – removed, aaaahhhhhh! This sounds like an evil bug.

The last backup was a little older so I started recovering with that, copied the files I still had on my machine but I am afraid a few pics are gone. So if you encounter broken images please drop me a comment so I can look if I can fiend them anywhere.

Lessons learned: more backups, more carefully with such tools. The worst case would have been that FireFTP decides to even remove more than only this directory. What would have been if I dragged my image on the root directory of my FTP server? Anybody wants to try ;)?

btw: what are the most popular FTP clients for OS X?

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