Flex UG Hamburg with FC64 – Notes

On Friday we had our Flex Usergroup Hamburg meeting in our Adobe office. Our speaker Claus Wahlers gave us a look behind the scenes aka source of FC64 which he developed together with Darron Schall. Claus started with some “basics” about how the C64 works to get an idea about what has to be emulated. After that he showed us parts of the code and explained the architecture behind which is divided into the CPU, MemoryManager and the Renderer which besides trillion other things does the final setPixel32.

All in all rocket science and Claus could only explain the tip of the iceberg but we got an impression what it means to build an emulator. Further he mentioned that Ralph Hauwert (one of the guys behind Papervision3D) is currently working on a Flash Player 10 version. This should open new opportunities since the new Vector class (typed Arrays) should be a big performance boost and the new sound features could open the door for sound emulation of the SID chip. For more infos and the source check the OSFlash FC64 site.

Our next usergroup meeting will already be in two weeks. David Sowerby from Straker Interactive will show us ZoomFlex which claims to fasten up Flex development and generates code which is based on Cairngorm and the Universal Mind Cairngorm extension. Check the german FlexUG Hamburg blog for more details.

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