AIR in Enterprise IT

Oliver Goldman from the AIR team has blogged great information about AIR-in-the-enterprise and the support of AIR enterprise deployment and configuration.

Yesterday the new site AIR for IT administrators was launched and provides white papers on deployment, security and configuration.

As Oliver pointed already out ReadWriteWeb has a very interesting article about AIR apps on the corporate desktop.

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Next Flex Usergroup Hamburg Meeting with Claus Wahlers: FC64 Behind The Scenes

The next meeting will take place June 27th. My dear friend Claus Wahlers comes the long way from São Paulo, Brazil, to give us a view behind FC64, the award winning Flash C64 emulator he developed together with Darron Schall.

More (german) details on the […]

on AIR tour Berlin links

The on AIR tour in Berlin yesterday was really a great event. The location and catering was really good and all was very well organized. What a pity we did not have more time in Berlin as the weather was so sunny.

Here just a summary of all speakers:


Mike Chambers
Ryan Stewart
Kevin Hoyt
Ethan Malasky
Serge Jespers
Daniel Dura
Lee Brimelow

External speakers

Benjamin […]

on AIR tour Berlin

Today I am at the on AIR tour in Berlin. The event is pretty cool and now the last session with Lee Brimelow just started.

Here a quick picture and more […]

Playing local files with AIR

A common failure I have made and many others too as I helped a few friends with it is playing local files like Flash Video (FLV) or images like PNG or JPG with AIR.

In AIR you have for example the FileSystemTree control which shows you the content of a directory. The selectedItem property of this control […]

AMFPHP on AIR Tutorial with MAMP

I had a look at my 3 year old AMFPHP tutorial and thought about what all changed. ActionScript 2 was replaced by AS3, I moved from Flash to Flex and changed my OS from Windows to OS X. I have developed desktop apps in the past with SWF Studio and now Adobe AIR is the solution […]