Role based UI with Flex

This is an example I have in the pipe for a long time but I think it still might be helpful to post it.

I had the use case to build a Flex UI where elements are visible/invisible depending on the user who is logged in. The combination of the properties includeInLayout and visible does the trick.

includeInLayout […]

Flex Localization

I wanted to continue to play with a little fun project which I localized for three languages but my compiler showed me the error:

unable to open ‘/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3 Plug-in/sdks/’

Hmm, this formerly worked so what changed? I changed the SDK to to upgrade to AIR 1.1 and all framework resources except default en_US are […]

Xoopit – Gmail Image/Video/Files Gallery

A couple of weeks ago TechCrunch posted about Xoopit and I got an early invitation. Xoopit indexes all images, videos and attachments in your Gmail account and makes them available on the Xoopit homepage but also within the Gmail user interface as you see below:

The service works pretty slick. The only thing I had to do […]

Search SWF – Missing Link

One of the weakness of Flash was the fact that search engines did not index SWF very well. This “missing link” was that indexing SWF was not easily possible. In the past only static textand links were indexed but to be honest – no serious Flash application works with static content. The problem was how to […]