SOS Logging Target

A few days ago Powerflasher released a new version of their logging tool SOS. I have used it in the past but stopped using it because I switched to Mac. Since the new version also runs on OS X I gave the new version a try and it works nicely.

I have posted a little extension for […]

Live Concert Streaming

Last week I attended my first online live concert on The band was Thrice, a post hardcore band which of some of you might know. I was skeptical with the user experience but was surprised positively. Of course it is not comparable with a real live concert but attending the entire show with support band, […]

FlexUnit with AIR & Ant

Since last week FlexUnit has a new home on Adobe Open Source and I thought it would be the time to finalize my post about FlexUnit with AIR and Ant which I had in the pipe for a longer time.

You can run Ant via command line or from within Eclipse which provides an Ant panel if […]

Flex TextInput with disabled State

To skin a TextInput you can define a custom BorderSkin which you can create with the Flex Skin Design Extension. But what do you have to do to have a custom disabled skin?. With CSS you can only set the backgroundDisabledColor.

To have a custom disabled skin you have to subclass the TextInput control. In this class […]

Open Source and Flex

There were a lot of news and posts about Flex and open-source so I thought it would be nice to summarize it.

Grant Skinner has posted a wonderful summary about common source code licenses.

Matt Chotin asked for feedback on suggested projects related to Flex. Personally I would love to see an ORM framework like suggested by Christophe […]

Eclipse Goodies

I thought I share some Eclipse goodies which might simplify your workflow if you use Eclipse/Flex Builder on a daily base and don’t know them yet.

Linked Resource

Sometimes you can not avoid absolute paths within your Flex/AIR project settings (.project, .actionScriptProperties, .flexProperties) because you define for instance an include for a library.

When you put these project settings […]