Open Source and Flex

There were a lot of news and posts about Flex and open-source so I thought it would be nice to summarize it.

Grant Skinner has posted a wonderful summary about common source code licenses.

Matt Chotin asked for feedback on suggested projects related to Flex. Personally I would love to see an ORM framework like suggested by Christophe Coenraets which works with BlazeDS.

Alistair McLeod and Steven Webster blogged about the move of Cairngorm from the Adobe Labs wiki to Adobe Open Source.

I just received the Adobe Edge Newsletter which covers an article about the art of open-source license by Dave McAllister.

Here a list of some client side open source software I use the most to develop Flex/AIR:

Here a list of Flex frameworks (InfoQ Flex Framework article):

and IoC frameworks:

and component libraries:

and animation/UI frameworks:

and 3D engines:

And much more if you check out OSFlash or search Google Code for “flex” or “as3”.

And for the server-side there is not less. Adobe recently proposed AMF support for the Zend framework and of course BlazeDS which fits wonderfull into a stack with Spring and Hibernate!

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