Maven & Flex-mojos

To build and deploy Flex application I usually use Apache Ant with Flex Ant Tasks which come with the Flex SDK.

A few month ago the Flex-mojos blog got my attention and I added it to my RSS Reader and now I finally got the time to play around with it.

“Flex-mojos is a collection of maven plugins […]

Swiz Framework – Brutally Simple

After the 360Flex took place in San Jose I watched a few of the video recordings which are available through Adobe Media Player. Ted Patrick was also so nice to put them on his blog.

I am always interested in new Flex frameworks and Swiz got my attention. I watched the video and started to play around […]

AIR HTML with “_blank” Links Part II – Using HTMLHost

I few days ago I blogged about how to open target=”_blank” anchor links in the system browser and leaving normal links in the HTML control of AIR. Since that I learned a bit more and people pointed me to the AIR docs. There you can find a great chapter about “Defining browser-like user interfaces for HTML […]

Google Chrome Browser

Yesterday I posted about Firefox 3 and the new concepts Mozilla Labs is working on and today I came across Google Chrome. Check out the Google Chrome comic book which illustrates the ideas behind in a really nice way. The german news site heise said the beta will be available today 9pm.

News on Google Blog

Update: The […]

AIR HTML with “_blank” Links

I have played with the WebKit engine of AIR which is exposed to Flex with the HTML control.

You can set the content by specifying a http location or by setting the htmlText which should be HTML code as a String. Let’s play with the HTML so create a new Flex/AIR project in Flex Builder and use […]

Firefox 3 and New Concepts

Last week I updated from Firefox 2 to 3 and I wanted to share some of my experiences. Most of the time I am a Mac user so I was really happy that the new Firefox now looks like a real Mac citizen with the new chrome design, great! Almost all plug-ins had updates for Firefox […]