Firefox 3 and New Concepts

Last week I updated from Firefox 2 to 3 and I wanted to share some of my experiences. Most of the time I am a Mac user so I was really happy that the new Firefox now looks like a real Mac citizen with the new chrome design, great! Almost all plug-ins had updates for Firefox 3 available so also no big problem there.

One thing I recognized and I find pretty scary is the thing how passwords are stored. I don’t know if the situation changed with the new version but if you did not set a master password all your log-ins (username/password) can be shown in plain text. So if someone has access to your computer it takes him/her seconds to steal user accounts. So go to the Preferences->Security and click “Saved Password …”. Then click “Show Passwords” and you know what I mean so be sure to set a master password.

Another news around Firefox and Mozilla from last week was that the contract with Google to be the preselected search engine will continue for another three years. This makes Google responsible for around 85% of the total Mozilla revenue.

Firefox 3 ist a great update I think but there is still room for innovation like Mozilla Labs shows. Check out the video with ideas for a new tab concept and if you are interested read the post by Aza Raskin:

Firefox Proposal: A Better New Tab Screen from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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