Multitouch for Telekom

My dear friend Jörg worked with foresee on a multitouch application for German Telekom and it went live in their store in Berlin – Mitte beginning of October. The client programming was done with Flash and Flex. I did not see it live but the video looks […]

First German Flex Camp in Hamburg

Now it’s official: November 6th we will have a Flex Camp in the Adobe Office Hamburg and in parallel also in Vienna and Bukarest. I am sure it will be […]

Conditional Compilation to Mock with Swiz

The Flex compiler supports conditional compilation and now I had the first use-case for it.

I am still playing around with the Swiz framework and I wanted to have an easy way to switch between mocked and real data. For that reason I added the two compile constants mock and release in the CONFIG namespace:

To support mock […]