Mock Business Delegates with Swiz

It is a common scenario that you have to build the Flex client side when the server side is not ready yet. I want to show how you easily can fake/mock service calls with the Swiz framework.

Let’s take the login example. We have got the view with the login form, the controller which catches the LoginEvent […]

Adobe MAX 2008 SF Review

The MAX Conference in San Francisco which just ended brought up so much cool stuff and I tried to summarize a but to give an overview of what is all announced and released.

Adobe AIR 1.5

Adobe DevNet article
New: Encrypted local database, Flash Player 10 and WebKit update

CoCoMo beta

“Codename “Cocomo” is a Platform as a Service that allows […]

Flex Camp Hamburg

Last week we had the first Flex Camp in Hamburg and in parallel also in Bucharest and Vienna!

I think the event was a great success and all speakers did a great job. The Flex Usergroup Hamburg did a great job organizing this event and I hope the location at Adobe was comfortable enough.

Below you see Adobe […]

Chuck Norris anyone?

I just came across the Google blog where is a post about the top searches after the election in the US.

Top 10 for political personas:

Tina Fey
Joe Biden
Chuck Norris
Cindy McCain
Bristol Palin
SNL Palin
Colin Powell

Chuck Norris? Come one ;)! After a small research I read that he did some spots for the republican party where he made a campaign […]