Swiz Prototype Bean

Chris Scott just blogged about the new Swiz Prototype bean which was introduced in Swiz 0.0.5.

Instead of getting a specific (singleton) bean instance there is a factory behind which always returns a new instance of the bean you try to autowire. Damn this is really a great feature which I also needed in my current project. […]

Include namespace in component declaration

I came across this while I recently played around with the Google Maps API for Flex. When you have a look at the example you see how they declare the map and realize that the namespace is declared within the component.

So let’s assume you have a TinyComponent implemented in the package com.foo.components and you use it […]

Swiz 0.0.5 Released

The next version of the Swiz framework was released in the beginning of January and finally I have the time to blog about it!

Chris Scott has a blogged about the changes and a deep view on runtime validation of mediators. I also contributed some stuff and I can say that I am very glad and thankful […]

Bye, Bye Adobe and Hello Brazil

Happy new year for all of you guys!

2009 already began with a big change for me. I have left Adobe to move over to Brazil. I had this plan in mind for a longer time and it was really hard to leave Adobe and my dear colleagues behind. During the two years I worked in the […]