Bye, Bye Adobe and Hello Brazil

Happy new year for all of you guys!

2009 already began with a big change for me. I have left Adobe to move over to Brazil. I had this plan in mind for a longer time and it was really hard to leave Adobe and my dear colleagues behind. During the two years I worked in the Mobile Device Business Unit and later in the Creative Suite Business Unit on the Device Intelligence Portal:

“Device manufacturers can use the web based Adobe Device Intelligence Portal for worldwide publishing of their device information to Adobe authoring tools.

It is a B2B software and part of the ecosystem of Device Central and mobile authoring in general. The software is based on Flex and AIR on the client side and Java/LiveCycle Data Services on the server side. My responsibility was driving the client side so I worked full time with Flex/AIR and the integration of LCDS. I worked with a great team and our agile approach with Scrum was really pleasantly and highly productive. I am so thankful I got to know so friendly and professional people in the Hamburg office where I also made a lot of friends. I also had the opportunity to visit the offices in San Francisco and the headquarter in San Jose and meet my US colleagues there which was such a real nice experience. Adobe is really a great place to work and I wish them best of luck for 2009! The experience to work for Adobe is unique and exceeded my expectations so far. May the RIA be with you!

During my time at Adobe in Hamburg I also helped out the Flex Usergroup Hamburg where I meet so kind and talented people from the community. I will miss you guys and the meetings and discussions a lot so please come up with remote access ;)!

So what’s up in 2009?

I started to work as Sr. Flash Platform freelancer at AUPEO! and will team up with my dear friend Claus Wahlers and his company côdeazur which is located in São Paulo. Aupeo is a new platform to discover music with friends and communities. It is still private beta but be sure to sign up!

Besides that I will be contributing to the Swiz framework which is a framework for Flex as much as possible. I started working with Swiz about 4 month ago and can say that it really accelerated my dev speed a lot and feels so good to use. Swiz is “brutally simple” and I will blog about the new extensions for runtime validation soon. Also be sure to follow Chris Scott’s blog who will update on the new changes as well and I just saw Brian Kotek is preparing a Swiz blog series too.

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