Swiz 0.0.5 Released

The next version of the Swiz framework was released in the beginning of January and finally I have the time to blog about it!

Chris Scott has a blogged about the changes and a deep view on runtime validation of mediators. I also contributed some stuff and I can say that I am very glad and thankful that I could participate. It was such a pleasure to discuss things with Chris and gather his feedback and to learn from him in general.

In this release Chris has done a major restructured the repository and refactored the bean handling for Autowire and Mediate into the BeanFactory. Further some bugs where fixed and two different approaches of runtime validation of dynamic mediators are now available.

Another geat thing which I use all the time is autowire by type. Instead of explicitly autowiring against a bean name like:

public var myModel:IMyModel;

you leave out the bean name like:

public var myModel:IMyModel;

Swiz will look up the bean for you automatically which implements the given type or interface. The only restriction for that usage is that only one bean of that type is loaded in your BeanLoaders. When you autowire against an interface it is also very easy to exchange mocked implementation with real implementations.

If you are completely new to Swiz you wonder “What is this guy talking about?” and “What’s the [Autowire] thing?” I would like to point you to the wonderful blog posts of Brian Kotek. He started a series of Swiz post which starts here and Autowire aka Dependency Injection is explained here and the currently latest post about events can be found here. So be sure to add Brian to your RSS reader if you want to learn more about Swiz.

I have also some posts and examples in the pipe so stay tuned and get your hands on Swiz!

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