Agile with Pivotal Tracker

I have used a few project management tools in the past and the one which really convinced me is the award winning Pivotal Tracker (PT). It is hosted in the cloud and is for free so you can start using it right away.

The first thing you and all project members should do is activating the email […]

EncryptedLocalStore File variable with getter/setter

The EncryptedLocalStore (ELS) is a decent place to persist user specific settings like for instance a username and a password. As the name already says the ELS content is stored encrypted using the Keychain of OS X and DPAPI on Windows with AES-CBC 128-bit encryption.

The code to store a File variable in ELS using a getter […]

Swiz eventPackages in strict mode

I have added a new extension to Swiz when used in strict mode. You can now define event packages to have a shortened notation for mediating events.

To dynamically mediate an event you define a mediate annotion typically in a controller class which has to be defined in a BeanLoader. Let’s assume our project has the package […]