Swiz Unit Tests with FlexUnit 4

Recently FlexUnit 4 beta 1 was released. To get started I recommend FlexUnit 4 in 360 seconds and the feature overview. If you are using the Swiz framework and want to apply some changes to provide a patch file you could run the unit tests to be sure to break no features.

This is quite easy to […]

Swiz Autowire View

Swiz got a new feature which allows you to autowire views into any class which has been loaded in a BeanLoader. A target could be a controller class which wants to interact with a view. Normally you would say that the view dispatches events which are then handled by a controller to decouple them but there […]

Swiz 0.6 Released

Chris just released a new version of Swiz with some really great additions and improvements. We now also own the domain swizframework.org which forwards to the Google code homepage.

This release makes Swiz faster, more flexible and even easier to use:

Support for mediating bubbled event
Added view attribute in Mediate tag
Autowire views with view attribute in Autowire tag
Ignoring […]

FlairSkin – Stateless Skinning for Flex

For Flex skinning I have usually used Flash with the Flex skinning extension. This is called the stateful approach because you can also add transitions between the states. This worked out fine and the workflow was ok and you ended up in Flex to define the skin via CSS like this:

skin: ClassReference("MyButton_skin");

You may have followed the […]

Migrate from Cairngorm to Swiz

If you are a Flex developer you surely know and probably used the Cairngorm framework from Adobe. I have used it too for almost two years before I switched to Swiz. I don’t want to bitch against Cairngorm but for me and many others coding with Swiz offered a simplier way building a RIA because of […]