Width Problem with Firefox

Recently I ran into a problem that I had to build a Flash movie which should fit the browser window meaning the Flash movie is embedded with 100%x100%.
The problem I had is that even if I resized the browser window to something like 400×400 the stage.width property still showed 662. This caused that the content layout […]

Swiz 0.6.2 with Flex 4 support

We just released a new Swiz update:

Flex 4 support (beta)
TwoWay autowire
Mediate priorities
Pass event to mediating method

Flex 4 support
Today Adobe has released Flex Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst betas on Adobe Labs. One more reason for Swiz to support Flex 4.
We have now posted two SWCs for Flex 2/3 and one for Flex 4. To compile […]