YouTube AS3 example

Today YouTube finally released an ActionScript 3 API. Maybe this was accelerated by the move of Vimeo because they came up with an AS3 API last week.

I have build a little AIR client as an example application. Check my YouTubeAS3 project on github for the source code. The example of course uses the Swiz framework.

The meat is the Player class and the IPlayer interface which wraps the YouTube proxy object. The Player extends UIComponent and implements IVisualElement so it works decent with Flex 4. The original SWFProxy object extends Sprite which is fine for Flash but not for Flex.

If you are to lazy to study the API docs like me this screenshot might help:

Flash Debug - Eclipse - /Users/soenkerohde/Documents/workspace_gumbo
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

The example is still pretty small but I’ll try to extend it when I find some time in the future.

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