Swiz Desktop for AIR support

When you develop AIR applications you see repeating tasks which you have in all projects. You need to take care about the update process and online status. I am developing all my applications with the Swiz framework so I tried to come up with some re-usable code which fits nicely into Swiz.

Source and Download

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FGATracker for Google Analytics tracking

FGATracker is an AS3 library which wraps gaforflash for Google Analytics and can be easily used in combination with the Swiz framework.

Source and Download

Source on GitHub
Download SWC
API docs


Add FGATracker to your BeanLoader:

<ga:FGATracker id="fgaTracker"
account="GOOGLE ANALYTICS ID" xmlns:ga="com.soenkerohde.ga.*" />

Dispatch TrackPageEvent or TrackActionEvent:

From a view class (set bubbles=true):

dispatchEvent( new TrackPageEvent( TrackPageEvent.PAGE, "/pagename", true ) );
dispatchEvent( new […]

FlairLoc Public Beta

FlairLoc is an Adobe® AIR™ application to localize Adobe® Flex® applications.

Today I am happy to announce that the public beta of FlairLoc is available.


Change resources in a user interface with search capability
Extract resource keys from source code and synchronizes it with all locale sets
Automatic translation into 42 languages with the Google Translate API
Add new automatic translated […]

GIT Tips and Tools

If you don’t know GIT yet it is a software version control system like Subversion, CVS or Perforce. It was primary developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development.  I have started using GIT in the beginning of 2009 and I must say that after a not so small learning curve I really like it and […]