FGATracker for Google Analytics tracking

FGATracker is an AS3 library which wraps gaforflash for Google Analytics and can be easily used in combination with the Swiz framework.

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Add FGATracker to your BeanLoader:

<ga:FGATracker id="fgaTracker"
	   account="GOOGLE ANALYTICS ID" xmlns:ga="com.soenkerohde.ga.*" />

Dispatch TrackPageEvent or TrackActionEvent:

From a view class (set bubbles=true):

dispatchEvent( new TrackPageEvent( TrackPageEvent.PAGE, "/pagename", true ) );
dispatchEvent( new TrackActionEvent( TrackActionEvent.ACTION "category", "action", "label", NaN, true ) );

From a non-view class:

_dispatcher.dispatchEvent( new TrackPageEvent( TrackPageEvent.PAGE, "/pagename" ) );

You can get a reference if your class implements the IDispatcherBean interface:

private var _dispatcher:IEventDispatcher;
public function set dispatcher(dispatcher:IEventDispatcher):void
	_dispatcher  = dispatcher;

2 comments to FGATracker for Google Analytics tracking

  • Margo Powell

    IdleTimer error message:
    When I started upgrading to swiz 1.0 last week, I had to modify FGATracker’s constructor and change the event in the event listener from FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE to Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE. The GATracker instance apparently wants access to the stage and in my implementation my code was thowing an IdleTimer error for me, see the following link:


    Thanks so much for this library! It has made my programming life much easier and hopefully this note will help someone else that runs into the IdleTimer error message.

  • Thanks for the feedback. If you want to share your changes please fork the project on github so I can integrate them.