Swiz Yahoo Finance Metadata Processor

Swiz 1.0 alpha introduced a very cool new feature which lets you extend Swiz be creating custom metadata processors.
This means that if you want to add a metadata like [MyCustomMetadata] you can now do so and Swiz offers you a very easy way to implement it.
For the Swiz 360 Flex demo app I have build a […]

Running Project Sprouts

A few weeks ago I attended the SanFlashCisco usergroup meeting which was really great. After the meeting we moved to the Mars bar where I got to know Luke Bayes who founded Project Sprouts. Project Sprouts is a Ruby based open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR and Flex […]

360 Flex Swiz Birds of a Feather

Thanks to all who joined the Swiz BOF session at 360 Flex in San Jose today.

John Yanarella and I got the opportunity to show Swiz and some examples. We even had Chris around via Skype and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Here the links to the slides and code:

Swiz1Example on GitHub

Many thanks to John Wilker for […]