Swiz Yahoo Finance Metadata Processor

Swiz 1.0 alpha introduced a very cool new feature which lets you extend Swiz be creating custom metadata processors.
This means that if you want to add a metadata like [MyCustomMetadata] you can now do so and Swiz offers you a very easy way to implement it.
For the Swiz 360 Flex demo app I have build a proof of concept YahooFinance metadata processor. The idea was to have something like this:

[YahooFinance(tickerSymbol="ADBE", days="60")]
public var adobeStocks:IList;

When you annotate the list variable with that metadata the YahooFinanceProcessor gets notified to process it and for the case above fetches the Adobe stock data for the last 60 days. The result is a list of objects which contain a date and a price. You can then bind this list to a chart é voilá, your chart shows live fetched data without writing any code (ok, except declaring the variable).

Here the full source of the view component:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Group xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" 
			import mx.collections.IList;
			[YahooFinance(tickerSymbol="ADBE", days="60")]
			public var adobeStocks:IList;
			[YahooFinance(tickerSymbol="MSFT", days="60")]
			public var microsoftStocks:IList;
	<s:Label text="Stock Prices last 60 days" />
	<mx:LineChart id="chart" width="100%" height="100%" showDataTips="true" dataProvider="{adobeStocks}">
			<mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="date" title="Time" />
			<mx:LinearAxis title="Price" baseAtZero="false" />
			<mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{microsoftStocks}" displayName="Microsoft" xField="date" yField="price" />
			<mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{adobeStocks}" displayName="Adobe" xField="date" yField="price" />
	<mx:Legend dataProvider="{chart}" />

The result looks like this:

When you have a look at the source of the YahooFinaceProcessor you see how easy it is to build.

The example also shows how to use the MediateSignalProcessor build by Sam Ahn.
There are also a bunch of other custom metadata processors on the way like the ResourceProcessor also by Sam.
Note that I had to add -keep-as3-metadata+=YahooFinance which you have to do for any new metadata you introduce.

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