AIR Mobile StageWebView UIComponent

When you want to use webkit to display HTML in AIR 2.5 mobile projects you want to use StageWebView. Since StageWebView is a subclass of EventDispatcher you cannot add it to the display chain right away. The API works a bit differently and you need to define a Rectangle as the viewPort. However, I thought it […]

Swiz Yahoo Finance Metadata Processor

Swiz 1.0 alpha introduced a very cool new feature which lets you extend Swiz be creating custom metadata processors.
This means that if you want to add a metadata like [MyCustomMetadata] you can now do so and Swiz offers you a very easy way to implement it.
For the Swiz 360 Flex demo app I have build a […]

Running Project Sprouts

A few weeks ago I attended the SanFlashCisco usergroup meeting which was really great. After the meeting we moved to the Mars bar where I got to know Luke Bayes who founded Project Sprouts. Project Sprouts is a Ruby based open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR and Flex […]

Powerful Cancelable Events

When you dispatch events I bet that most Flash/Flex devs don’t take advantage of the fact that dispatchEvent returns a Boolean value indicating wether or not the event has been canceled. Normally your code looks similar to this:

var event:MyEvent = new MyEvent(MyEvent.FOO);

If you want to let something only happen if the event wasn’t canceled it should […]

Chunk File Upload

A while back I worked on an AIR client which had to be capable uploading very large files. In this scenario you have to upload files in little chunks. The research on how to solve this took me quite a while so I thought it would make sense to post my findings.

More or less I have […]

Twitter AS3 OAuth Lib with Flex 4 example

I have build a little Twitter AS3 library which handles Twitter OAuth authentication and let’s you update your Twitter status. The lib basically uses the OAuth AS3 lib and should be a good example how to use the actual OAuth lib.

This is still basic functionality but since it’s open source someone may fork and extend it. […]