AIR Mobile StageWebView UIComponent

When you want to use webkit to display HTML in AIR 2.5 mobile projects you want to use StageWebView. Since StageWebView is a subclass of EventDispatcher you cannot add it to the display chain right away. The API works a bit differently and you need to define a Rectangle as the viewPort. However, I thought it […]

How to Skin AIR Mobile ActionBar

It took me a bit to figure out how to skin the ActionBar in a mobile AIR application so here a short tutorial. There are also two small bugs when you want to skin the ActionBar but there are decent workarounds for now.

To apply a custom skin to the ActionBar you first have to define a […]

Updating to AIR 2.0 Barriers

Now that Adobe 2.0 is released it’s time to update some older apps to use the new APIs.
The process to update seems kind of complicated and definitely worth a blog post. In my special case I am upgrading from an self signed 1.5.2 app to a self signed 2.0 app.

Since 1.5.3 the publisherID works differently so […]

Twitter AS3 OAuth Lib with Flex 4 example

I have build a little Twitter AS3 library which handles Twitter OAuth authentication and let’s you update your Twitter status. The lib basically uses the OAuth AS3 lib and should be a good example how to use the actual OAuth lib.

This is still basic functionality but since it’s open source someone may fork and extend it. […]

Swiz Desktop for AIR support

When you develop AIR applications you see repeating tasks which you have in all projects. You need to take care about the update process and online status. I am developing all my applications with the Swiz framework so I tried to come up with some re-usable code which fits nicely into Swiz.

Source and Download

Get source from […]

FlairLoc Public Beta

FlairLoc is an Adobe® AIR™ application to localize Adobe® Flex® applications.

Today I am happy to announce that the public beta of FlairLoc is available.


Change resources in a user interface with search capability
Extract resource keys from source code and synchronizes it with all locale sets
Automatic translation into 42 languages with the Google Translate API
Add new automatic translated […]