YouTube AS3 example

Today YouTube finally released an ActionScript 3 API. Maybe this was accelerated by the move of Vimeo because they came up with an AS3 API last week.

I have build a little AIR client as an example application. Check my YouTubeAS3 project on github for the source code. The example of course uses the Swiz framework.

The meat […]

High level AS3/Flex library for OAuth with Twitter from AIR

Recently I have played again with the Twitter API and finally have OAuth working. When I have first played with the Twitter API I have used the example from Tour de Flex. The example loads up the friends list and uses the Twitter AS3 API. The API is not really my taste but offers the functionality […]

Swiz Unit Tests with FlexUnit 4

Recently FlexUnit 4 beta 1 was released. To get started I recommend FlexUnit 4 in 360 seconds and the feature overview. If you are using the Swiz framework and want to apply some changes to provide a patch file you could run the unit tests to be sure to break no features.

This is quite easy to […]

FlairSkin – Stateless Skinning for Flex

For Flex skinning I have usually used Flash with the Flex skinning extension. This is called the stateful approach because you can also add transitions between the states. This worked out fine and the workflow was ok and you ended up in Flex to define the skin via CSS like this:

skin: ClassReference("MyButton_skin");

You may have followed the […]

EncryptedLocalStore File variable with getter/setter

The EncryptedLocalStore (ELS) is a decent place to persist user specific settings like for instance a username and a password. As the name already says the ELS content is stored encrypted using the Keychain of OS X and DPAPI on Windows with AES-CBC 128-bit encryption.

The code to store a File variable in ELS using a getter […]

Signed AIR App started but looked weird

The subject says what I foccussed today. I am currently working on an AIR application which connects to a local socket server. I am developing under OS X but the socket server I have to use is only for Windows so I started Parallels with Windows Vista and started the server there to test from OS […]