Migrate from Cairngorm to Swiz

If you are a Flex developer you surely know and probably used the Cairngorm framework from Adobe. I have used it too for almost two years before I switched to Swiz. I don’t want to bitch against Cairngorm but for me and many others coding with Swiz offered a simplier way building a RIA because of […]

Open Source and Flex

There were a lot of news and posts about Flex and open-source so I thought it would be nice to summarize it.

Grant Skinner has posted a wonderful summary about common source code licenses.

Matt Chotin asked for feedback on suggested projects related to Flex. Personally I would love to see an ORM framework like suggested by Christophe […]

AMFPHP on AIR Tutorial with MAMP

I had a look at my 3 year old AMFPHP tutorial and thought about what all changed. ActionScript 2 was replaced by AS3, I moved from Flash to Flex and changed my OS from Windows to OS X. I have developed desktop apps in the past with SWF Studio and now Adobe AIR is the solution […]

AIR examples/links, Desktop 2.0 and Adobe Developer Connection

Christophe Coenraets released the code Code from his MAX session in Barcelona about Offline Synchronization using AIR and Live Cycle Data Services.

Rich Tretola (Everythingflex) posted an update of his AIR Update Manager. With the Update Manager you can define the version and update URL of your AIR application and also all dialogs regarding the update can […]

Cairngorm 2.1.1 released

Cairngorm 2.1.1 had a long beta phase and is now released on Adobe Labs.

It is now slit up into “normal” Cairngorm and Cairngorm Enterprise for LCDS solutions.

Cairngorm is a microarchitecure/framework for Adobe Flex. I use it in every of my projects and can only recomment it to every Flex Developer. After a small learning curve where […]