Width Problem with Firefox

Recently I ran into a problem that I had to build a Flash movie which should fit the browser window meaning the Flash movie is embedded with 100%x100%.
The problem I had is that even if I resized the browser window to something like 400×400 the stage.width property still showed 662. This caused that the content layout […]

Multitouch for Telekom

My dear friend Jörg worked with foresee on a multitouch application for German Telekom and it went live in their store in Berlin – Mitte beginning of October. The client programming was done with Flash and Flex. I did not see it live but the video looks […]

Search SWF – Missing Link

One of the weakness of Flash was the fact that search engines did not index SWF very well. This “missing link” was that indexing SWF was not easily possible. In the past only static textand links were indexed but to be honest – no serious Flash application works with static content. The problem was how to […]

Flex UG Hamburg with FC64 – Notes

On Friday we had our Flex Usergroup Hamburg meeting in our Adobe office. Our speaker Claus Wahlers gave us a look behind the scenes aka source of FC64 which he developed together with Darron Schall. Claus started with some “basics” about how the C64 works to get an idea about what has to be emulated. After […]

FFK08 Notes

Last week I visited the Flashforum Konferenz. It was really nice to meet old and new guys and I got some faces to names I read a lot. Sascha Wolter and Marc Thiele did an awesome job to provide such a nice conference – thanks!

Above Sascha and Marc announced Serge Jespers who is Adobe Platform Evangelist […]

Flash Player 10 Links

The Flash Player 10 public beta release was blogged around the web and I thought I post a few links a found during the last days:

Targeting Flash Player 10 Beta with Flex SDK 3.0.x
Video Tutorial on Compiling for Flash Player 10 and from today three more Video Tutorials by Lee Brimelow
Tinic Uro from the Flash Player […]