Running Project Sprouts

A few weeks ago I attended the SanFlashCisco usergroup meeting which was really great. After the meeting we moved to the Mars bar where I got to know Luke Bayes who founded Project Sprouts. Project Sprouts is a Ruby based open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR and Flex […]

Powerful Cancelable Events

When you dispatch events I bet that most Flash/Flex devs don’t take advantage of the fact that dispatchEvent returns a Boolean value indicating wether or not the event has been canceled. Normally your code looks similar to this:

var event:MyEvent = new MyEvent(MyEvent.FOO);

If you want to let something only happen if the event wasn’t canceled it should […]

Flex 4 main class interface errors

I ended up a few times with these kind of errors while migrating to newer Flex 4 builds:

Description Resource Path Location Type
1044: Interface method invalidateParentSizeAndDisplayList in namespace mx.managers:ISystemManager not implemented by class _Main_mx_managers_SystemManager. example-project line 23 Flex Problem

Description Resource Path Location Type
1144: Interface method callInContext in namespace mx.core:IFlexModuleFactory is implemented with an incompatible signature in class _Main_mx_managers_SystemManager. example-project line 23 Flex Problem

The location/resource for these errors is the main MXML itself […]

Migrate Flex 4 Beta 2 to Latest Nightly Builds

I have a project based on Flex 4 Beta 2 and now I wanted to migrate to the latest nightly build since there were many important fixes.
Things have changed so here what I did to get my project up and running again:

Halo is now mx

The namespace for halo (Flex 3) components changed from xmlns:mx=”library://” to xmlns:mx=”library://”. Just […]

Twitter AS3 OAuth Lib with Flex 4 example

I have build a little Twitter AS3 library which handles Twitter OAuth authentication and let’s you update your Twitter status. The lib basically uses the OAuth AS3 lib and should be a good example how to use the actual OAuth lib.

This is still basic functionality but since it’s open source someone may fork and extend it. […]

Swiz Desktop for AIR support

When you develop AIR applications you see repeating tasks which you have in all projects. You need to take care about the update process and online status. I am developing all my applications with the Swiz framework so I tried to come up with some re-usable code which fits nicely into Swiz.

Source and Download

Get source from […]