Mac Book Cycle Count?

When you are a Mac Book/Pro user watch your cycle count meaning how often your battery has recharged. You should use your battery here and then otherwise the battery lifetime decreases rough. My wife didn’t use the battery for a longer time and the battery performance was a mess. Apple support wanted to know the cycle […]

Bye, Bye Adobe and Hello Brazil

Happy new year for all of you guys!

2009 already began with a big change for me. I have left Adobe to move over to Brazil. I had this plan in mind for a longer time and it was really hard to leave Adobe and my dear colleagues behind. During the two years I worked in the […]

Chuck Norris anyone?

I just came across the Google blog where is a post about the top searches after the election in the US.

Top 10 for political personas:

Tina Fey
Joe Biden
Chuck Norris
Cindy McCain
Bristol Palin
SNL Palin
Colin Powell

Chuck Norris? Come one ;)! After a small research I read that he did some spots for the republican party where he made a campaign […]

Google Chrome Browser

Yesterday I posted about Firefox 3 and the new concepts Mozilla Labs is working on and today I came across Google Chrome. Check out the Google Chrome comic book which illustrates the ideas behind in a really nice way. The german news site heise said the beta will be available today 9pm.

News on Google Blog

Update: The […]

Firefox 3 and New Concepts

Last week I updated from Firefox 2 to 3 and I wanted to share some of my experiences. Most of the time I am a Mac user so I was really happy that the new Firefox now looks like a real Mac citizen with the new chrome design, great! Almost all plug-ins had updates for Firefox […]

Live Concert Streaming

Last week I attended my first online live concert on The band was Thrice, a post hardcore band which of some of you might know. I was skeptical with the user experience but was surprised positively. Of course it is not comparable with a real live concert but attending the entire show with support band, […]