Zeroi – MTASC logging adapter system

I am proud to announce that Zeroi is now open source and available on

Ralf Bokelberg did the coreengine programming and I added the ability to define a logconfig xml file to filter logs of classes or packages to a specified loglevel.

The main idea of Zeroi is to be able to use any logging system (like […]

MTASC 1.11 and haXe

Nicolas Cannasse released MTASC 1.11 which he called a stable release.
This stable was very important for Nicolas because he wants to concentrate his power in his new invented language called haXe.
MTASC will get no AS3 support but haXe will. But that’s not all. With haXe you are able to program in one language but deploy on […]

MTASC 1.10 released

Today is not only Studio release date but also a new version of the Flash Open Source compiler MTASC 1.10.
I grabbed the following changes from the CHANGES.TXT:

fixed small problem with class case and import wildcards
added exclude wildcards and exclude without file
changed TRACE in “trace”
added AS keywords as real keywords (including deprecated ones)
fixed parsing of objects and […]

MTASC 1.09 released with Flash 8 support

MTASC 1.09 is released.
It has some fixes and now Flash 8 support.
Check the OSFlash page to this topic.

There are already examples for the new Flash Filter and the MovieClip Blendmode made by LuminicBox.

If you are using FAME you can already go for Flash 8 by installing the Flash Player 8 for IE. The preview with Flashout […]

MTASC 1.08 released

A new version of MTASC is available.
The new features:
– fixed getUrl2 stack.
– renamed and hide variable defined by main.
– fixed x instanceof y ? a : b parsing
– fixed try with no catch clauses
– removed mtasc trace message
– added -out
– a lot of small fixes in “std” header
– fixed bug in check for implemented interfaces

With the […]

MTASC 1.07 released

MTASC 1.07 is available.
Changes :
– fixed -keep + -main
– added ‘con’ error message
– SharedObject.getRemote argument to Object.
– added “print”.
– added deprecated keywords usage error.
– fixed “main” duplication
– […]