Flash Open Source Mailinglist

I started to use FAME for a while and there are so many topics and questions around this that the MTASC-list had many off topic posts.
For this purpose I set up the list Flash Open Source at yahoogroups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flashopensource

You might say that the actionscript.com arcticle says all what you need about setting up FAME but […]

MTASC 1.06 released

MTASC 1.06 is released today with important fixes:

Changes are the following :
– fixed IO.No_more_input message
– fixed 32K limit calculation
– fixed bug with auto register class
– main now takes “this” as parameter and is delayed (onEnterFrame)
– added […]

Tracing with MTASC and Flashout

JesterXL posted a very nice example of how to trace with MTASC (and -trace) and Flashout in Eclipse.
This is indeed […]

MTASC 1.05 released

MTASC 1.5 was released today.
The changes:
– fixed type required to String for for…in variable
– fixed operator priority : a || b && c -> a || (b && c)
– error when multiple extends, interface cannot extends class
– warning when import not used (no longer add class)
– fixed error message when class not found
– register only one […]

MTASC 1.04 released

With the new version of MTASC many things are improved but again you have to change some parts of your code where the compiler behaviour changed.

My changes to compile with 1.04:
mx/events/LowLevelEvents.as:212 -> “==” should be “=”

Add the following classes from DataSet.swc to your mx-classpath (rename swc to zip, extract, rename asi to as and remove packagename):

The […]

MTASC & V2 Components

I have a very large Flash projects which I liked to compile with MTASC.
The projects uses quite every V2 component including the Data Components, the Slider component from a DRK and the TabBar component.

The problem is, that not all components provide a source Actionscript file which is required for compilation with MTASC.

I had to extract the […]