Zeroi – MTASC logging adapter system

I am proud to announce that Zeroi is now open source and available on

Ralf Bokelberg did the coreengine programming and I added the ability to define a logconfig xml file to filter logs of classes or packages to a specified loglevel.

The main idea of Zeroi is to be able to use any logging system (like […]

SWFObject Flash detection

SWFObject is a Javscript based Flash detection script and I have used SWFObject formerly known as FlashObject for about two month and it works great.
If you are looking for a very good Flash detection check the devnet article by Geoff Stearns, the author of SWFObject or visit […]

Article: Open Source and the Flash Platform: What Should Adobe Do Next?

Nice article about Adobe, Open Source and […]

MTASC 1.11 and haXe

Nicolas Cannasse released MTASC 1.11 which he called a stable release.
This stable was very important for Nicolas because he wants to concentrate his power in his new invented language called haXe.
MTASC will get no AS3 support but haXe will. But that’s not all. With haXe you are able to program in one language but deploy on […]

FLVTool2 RC1 released

My friend Norman Timmler (inlet media) released FLVTool2 RC1. The new features are amazing!
There are two new commands cut and add which sound simple but give many more possibilities for handling Flash Video. And – the new version supports the new Flash 8 video codec VP6.
For this new version Norman did a complete rewriting of the […]

OFLA Online: The First Online Open Source Flash Conference

Today 18:00 GMT OSFlash will start the first online conference via Breeze.
You will learn about several OSFlash projects presented by their leading developers and other OSFlash related topics. There are rumours about news about MTASC and AS3 and several other exciting looks into the OSFlash world.
More details […]