FlairLoc Public Beta

FlairLoc is an Adobe® AIR™ application to localize Adobe® Flex® applications.

Today I am happy to announce that the public beta of FlairLoc is available.


Change resources in a user interface with search capability
Extract resource keys from source code and synchronizes it with all locale sets
Automatic translation into 42 languages with the Google Translate API
Add new automatic translated […]

Swiz 0.6 Released

Chris just released a new version of Swiz with some really great additions and improvements. We now also own the domain swizframework.org which forwards to the Google code homepage.

This release makes Swiz faster, more flexible and even easier to use:

Support for mediating bubbled event
Added view attribute in Mediate tag
Autowire views with view attribute in Autowire tag
Ignoring […]

Migrate from Cairngorm to Swiz

If you are a Flex developer you surely know and probably used the Cairngorm framework from Adobe. I have used it too for almost two years before I switched to Swiz. I don’t want to bitch against Cairngorm but for me and many others coding with Swiz offered a simplier way building a RIA because of […]

Hobnox Audiotool now open

Andé Michelle anounced that you can now try out the Hobnox Audiotool withouth a beta invitation or registration.

“Here it is, it’ll supply you with an emulator of some famous little machines, used by DJs, producers and bands all over the planet. Right now, we can equip you with a rebuilt Roland TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 and some […]

Photoshop Express

Yesterday Photoshop Express went into public beta.

Check the press release or various reviews. As mentioned in the TechCrunch review there are many others in online photo editing like Picnik but also Photoshop Express comes with social networking features as you may edit your photos hosted on Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa and soon Flickr.

Photoshop express is no strip […]