Swiz Yahoo Finance Metadata Processor

Swiz 1.0 alpha introduced a very cool new feature which lets you extend Swiz be creating custom metadata processors.
This means that if you want to add a metadata like [MyCustomMetadata] you can now do so and Swiz offers you a very easy way to implement it.
For the Swiz 360 Flex demo app I have build a […]

360 Flex Swiz Birds of a Feather

Thanks to all who joined the Swiz BOF session at 360 Flex in San Jose today.

John Yanarella and I got the opportunity to show Swiz and some examples. We even had Chris around via Skype and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Here the links to the slides and code:

Swiz1Example on GitHub

Many thanks to John Wilker for […]

Swiz Desktop for AIR support

When you develop AIR applications you see repeating tasks which you have in all projects. You need to take care about the update process and online status. I am developing all my applications with the Swiz framework so I tried to come up with some re-usable code which fits nicely into Swiz.

Source and Download

Get source from […]

FGATracker for Google Analytics tracking

FGATracker is an AS3 library which wraps gaforflash for Google Analytics and can be easily used in combination with the Swiz framework.

Source and Download

Source on GitHub
Download SWC
API docs


Add FGATracker to your BeanLoader:

<ga:FGATracker id="fgaTracker"
account="GOOGLE ANALYTICS ID" xmlns:ga="com.soenkerohde.ga.*" />

Dispatch TrackPageEvent or TrackActionEvent:

From a view class (set bubbles=true):

dispatchEvent( new TrackPageEvent( TrackPageEvent.PAGE, "/pagename", true ) );
dispatchEvent( new […]

YouTube AS3 example

Today YouTube finally released an ActionScript 3 API. Maybe this was accelerated by the move of Vimeo because they came up with an AS3 API last week.

I have build a little AIR client as an example application. Check my YouTubeAS3 project on github for the source code. The example of course uses the Swiz framework.

The meat […]

Presentation Model Interface with Swiz

Lately I have started to use the presentation model approach and I like it a lot. Swiz fellow Ben Clinkinbeard has a wonderful example posted on his blog.

However I disliked that I have to dispatch custom events to make getters bindable. This would normally look like this in an interface:

function get someData():Array;

The problem with it is […]