iPark is an interactive walk trough a very small part of the Wohlerspark in Hamburg. It was more a kind of a test to see how to make an interactive video. All is not in high quality but I think you get the meaning of interactive video. The videos were recoreded in 15 minutes and the interactive video build with the Riva Producer in about an hour.
I did this together with my friend Till Nagel and the main time building the interactive video was talking about the logic how the videos were recorded and how to make it better. In this case all circles were recorded to have more fluid transitions and we did not have to cut any video.
When we have got more time you can walk through the complete park or even Hamburg ;). As you can see we recorded this in autumn so we aren’t the fastest ones.
Btw: this is also Videoblogging. I am curious why not so many use videos in there blogs because Flash Video gives a perfect possibility to make a smoothly integration of videos into websites.
Comments appreciated!

Click to play:

The videos were recorded with a Sony digital camera in 640x480px and the videos were converted to FLV (Flash Video) using the batch-encoder of the Riva Producer. A broadband connection is recommended.