FLV Knife

FLV Knife is a tool which helps working with Flash Video (FLV).
FLV Knife is in an early alpha-state but it is working and productive.
Supports Flash 6/7/8 video (Spark H.263, On2 VP6)


  • FLVKnifeSetup_0.0.0003.exe I recommend to read the comments before downloading as there were reported a few problems using FLVKnife. The software will not be updated in the near future. Anyway, the software does not break anything.

Current features

  • FLV Player
  • FLV Metadata Injector
  • Visual cutting of FLVs
  • Print the metadata of FLVs

FLV Knife uses FLVTool2 created by my friend Norman Timmler inlet media .

Metadata Injector
The Metadata Injector supports upgrading FLV 1.0 to FLV 1.1.
Additionally it is possible to add name-values-pairs und custom CuePoints with an XML-file.

FLV Knife is programmed using Flash 8, Eclipse, MTASC, FDT and SWF Studio v3.1.


FLV Player
FLV Knife Screenshot

Metadata Injector
FLV Knife Screenshot

Cut Video
FLV Knife Screenshot

Print Metadata
FLV Knife Screenshot